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The Summer Hill Museum:
the people that made this possible

The following individuals and families generously donated mementos and family heirlooms so that we could tell the story of Summer Hill. The artifacts used in the museum are now owned and cared for by the Summer Hill Foundation.

2003.1 Joe N. Weems, Sr.
2004.1 Unknown donors
2004.2 Blanche Miller
2004.3 Leonard and Celesta Moore
2004.4 Elmer Felton
2004.5 Willie Williams, Jr.
2004.6 Darlene Hendricks Smith
2004.7 Marian Pullum
2004.8 Mary Alice Green Johnson
2004.9 Emogene Carter Johnson
2004.10 Sarah Mobley
2004.11 Louise Young Harris
2004.12 Calvin Cooley
2004.13 Robert L. "Jackey" Beavers
2004.14 Nancy Robinson Beasley
2004.15 Lelia Benham
2004.16 Dorothy Green
2004.17 Helena Williams
2004.18 Lenora Blankenship Gibson
2004.19 Morgan (family)
2004.20 Rudolph Jones
2004.21 Ann Robinson
2004.22 Eva Williams Kellogg
2004.23 Anna Bell Scott
2004.24 Queen Green Lowe
2004.25 Vyola Foster
2004.26 Warren Brown, Sr.
2004.27 James Will Henderson
2004.28 Ellen Price and Ishmael Robinson (family)
2004.29 Janice Brown Lee
2004.30 Essie McConnell
2004.31 Elvira Weems
2004.32 Robbie Callahan
2004.33 Mary Salter
2004.34 Walter Johnson
2004.35 Brenda Hudson
2004.36 James Hudson (family)
2004.37 Robert Hugh Wade (family)
2004.38 Minnie Carter O'Hara
2004.39 Weldon Dudley
2004.40 Barbara West Lewis
2004.41 Blanche Smith Wade
2004.42 Martha Wade
2004.43 Susie Wheeler